Dating has changed dramatically the past decade. Most of that has to do with advancements in the tech field. People all over are using the internet, smartphones and other gadgets as tools for dating. These are all avenues which lead to the ultimate goal and that is sex. Apps and sites which help people have casual sex and hookup abound. They make it all effortless and quickly. The only thing left is finding out which of these are the best for hooking up and casual sex.


With millions of users, this site purports itself to be the planet’s biggest when it comes to dating. More so when it applies to casual sex hookups. The site has a simple layout and scads of swingers.


If you have Facebook, this app finds your friends and theirs. But where it gets better is that it allows you to let any of them know if they want to get together for sex or not. Unlike other sites, this app has identity confirmation so you know the people are real. The only down side – or is it? – is having to browse through your friends list for sex.


Sexy and hot singles abound in this awesome dating site. Members are able to make known whatever sexual preferences they have. That allows them to find people with similar sexual interests.


Some call this a substitute for sites such as Craigslist and Tinder. It is an ideal spot for finding tons of people who are looking for sex. Whether it is swinging, hookups, extramarital affairs or other things, it is all easy.


No shortage of willing participants looking for any kind of sex on this site. Some are kinky, swingers or into BDSM. Whatever turns you on, there is bound to be someone like you here. The site has millions of different members from all over the world.