Where To Find The Best Quality Porn Videos

It can be hard to find good quality in porn these days. This is partly due to the fact that our standards have raised, these days a porn video needs to be shot with the correct lighting, needs the actress to position certain ways, have good sound quality etc. In addition to this, it somehow needs to appear original so that it doesn’t appear stale to its viewers. Before, our standards for a good porno were: Has naked women in it. This massive shift in the industry has lead to a lot of videos understandably not being able to reach our expectations. However, there are still some sites which do.

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BangBros is one of the few sites that have stayed true to their roots since its inception. The only thing it pertains to is quality, while it might not have the quickest update schedule, every video that they put out has obviously had someone’s heart and soul poured into.
The showcase of quality that they present is rarely found elsewhere, especially with such consistency as they demonstrate. Nearly every video has something new and creative about it, be it a new star, some new scenario or similar. This allows the people paying for the premium of watching videos on their site to completely trust them.

Besides this, the site itself also wastes no time in presenting you their high quality porn. They don’t have a thick categories bar taking up half the screen, they don’t have adverts at every corner annoying you into submission. No, all they have is a simple and brilliant website which serves as a portfolio for their excellent works. While the update schedule might not be the best, it has demonstrated itself to be one of the highest quality porn sites out there. In addition to this, they have a massive amount of videos, so if you’re a newcomer, you’ll have material enough for the months ahead of you.


While its predecessor was a generalist site, Blacked is much more of a specialized beast. While its porn does follow a much more predictable line(Girl meets black guy/s, girl goes with them, they bang.) it does make up for it with the rawness and sheer intensity of the rough sex put on display. From the name you could probably figure out what this site showcases. All of its actors are African American and all of them have one massive member. What the videos on it boil down to, is how the girls take these massive cocks. This is hard to make stale because all of the actresses have different reactions.

Apart from this, the videos are well shot, however the lighting and audio give the impression of an amateur video, which makes the whole thing so much hotter.