...originated as an acoustic duo composed of brothers Ian and Evan Koteles in 2002. The name, 10th Concession, is derived from the name of the street their father grew up on in Canada.

Ian came home from college to see Evan’s first public performance at the 8th grade talent show. After seeing what he had taught himself on guitar, Ian was determined to do the same and returned to school with a mission...and a guitar.

Not much time would pass before Ian was making more frequent trips home from school to exchange song ideas. The progress, chemistry, and natural talent was apparent, and they have their parents to thank for it coming so naturally. Their mother, an actress, and father, a drummer, have always created a strong presence of the arts around the house.

Over the next few years, Ian and Evan began playing vigorously around their hometown of Tampa with their dad backing them up on drums. They released two albums during this time and were known around town as “E&i”.

In 2007, Evan graduated high school and moved to Tallahassee. With this move came Ian’s decision to continue a career in music but this time in Nashville, TN. Despite the distance, similar to the way it all started, Ian and Evan exchanged song ideas online and whenever Ian was traveling through Tallahassee.

Ian’s time in Nashville paid off when the introduction was made with well-known producer, Fred Mollin (Dan Hill, B.B King). After months of reviewing some E&i demos, Fred agreed to produce a few of their songs. Thanks to this connection, and the difficulty of algebra, the decision was made for Evan to move to Nashville as well and begin writing for the duo’s first full length album as 10th Concession.

One year and hundreds of song-writing sessions later, Ian and Evan returned to Tampa with their self-titled release in search of a band. The process was long (about a year) and auditions were often painful. But their patience paid off in late 2009 thanks to the wonders of Craigslist.

Today 10th Concession performs all over the southeast making a lasting impression wherever they go. Their unique, yet commercial, sound and welcoming personalities have already proven to be contagious and will no doubt continue to bring success to 10th Concession.